Overweight Army private says he joined the Army to be a “F-ing bus driver”

A portly US Army Reservist assigned to an Engineer Brigade isn’t too happy about bus driving duty- or is he?

The Soldier -a heavy-set Private First Class with the 372nd Engineer Brigade, a US Army Reserve unit- removed his name tape before posting the video, which involves commentary about driving buses, a creepy stare and his sentiment on early mornings.

“You know what’s more awesome than waking up at five in the morning? Driving a f**king bus,” he said. “I’m a f**king bus driver.”

While the soldier was smart enough to remove his name tape, his size and unique features would no doubt make him easy to identify in such a small unit.

The 372nd Engineer Brigade dates back to World War II, and was most recently activated in 2008. Since then, the unit has had one deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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