OnlyFans girl says Fort Bragg public affairs mistake was the best thing to happen to her

An OnlyFans girl who was outed to her family after the Fort Bragg Twitter page accidentally posted a comment about her appearance is “relieved” the serendipitous event took place.

Quinn Finite, who makes her money catering to lonely people on OnlyFans, recounted the moment when her mom came across the Business Insider article that documented Fort Bragg’s error.

“Honestly relieved that this article is doing the ‘coming out’ work for me,” she wrote Tuesday in a Twitter post. “Otherwise I’m just silently eating spaghetti on my couch in awe and amusement.”

According to the News & Observer, the woman’s family knew she was “modeling,” but didn’t know the extent.

“I had alluded to selling ‘modeling photos’ to fans who pay a subscription price weeks prior but never was specific,” she recounted. “Thankfully, [my mom] was pretty cool with it, saying she kinda figured I was working in the adult industry. My dad doesn’t know yet though (I think)- he’s more conservative, so I’m a bit scared of his potential reaction.”

Finite makes around $35,000 a month, and it is unknown how much of that profit the IRS knows about.

In October of this year, an administrator at Fort Bragg, NC, accidentally commented on one of Finite’s pictures using the installation’s account.

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