OnlyFans girl disgraces her veteran father’s funeral, poses with his dead body for social

A Florida fitness/OnlyFans model’s narcissistic tendencies are coming back to haunt her after she shared a series of provocative photos taken in front of her father’s coffin. 

Jayne Rivera, who is most well known on Tik Tok, was slammed by the public after the photos surfaced of her posing in front of the flag-draped coffin, indicative that her father was a veteran.

“Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my best friend. A life well lived,” she said in her post.

Needless to say, the above-and-beyond attempt to “thirst trap” her “best friend’s” funeral was not well-received.

“Not cool Jayne, ur dad was a decorated vet, a photo shot by his casket should be beneath you. May he rest in eternal peace,” one follower wrote.

Others just found the entire ordeal to be disgusting.

“S**t is just vile, and down right disgusting,” another person commented.

“The fact that u would post something like this tells us everything we need to know about you,” wrote a third individual.

Rivera had 84,800 Instagram followers and 307,300 TikTok followers, though that number has since dropped some.

Rivera, who flaunts her new BMW on social media, had also set up a GoFundMe for her family. 

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