The one time a Private blowing his months pay at the PX ended up being a great investment

A US Army veteran who bought a Rolex watch for $120 back when he was stationed in Europe in the 60’s was shocked to find out how good of an investment it ended up being.

The veteran, who was featured on a Tuscon-based episode of Antiques Roadshow, said he had bought the Rolex watch in the spring of 1960 at the urging of his Non-Commissioned Officer, who was convinced that Rolex was the best watch ever made. Knowing he wouldn’t be in Germany much longer, he purchased a Rolex GMT Master Model watch.

At the time, the Rolex cost him $120, which was $20 over his monthly salary at the time.

The watch was well-cared for and included tags and paperwork, which only increased the value of the watch as it was appraised by Antiques Roadshow appraiser Peter Planes.

Fortunately for the veteran, his careful care of the watch paid off. When Planes appraised the watch, he valued it in the ballpark of $65,000-75,000.

The old man could not believe his ears, with the overwhelming look of surprise clearly visible on his face.

“I had no idea,” he said. “I’m speechless. If you would have told me $1,500, I would have been happy.”

When asked why he kept the watch and all its accessories in such mint condition, the veteran humbly responded with “I don’t know. I’m just lucky, I guess.

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