Old Marines speed down road screaming “Do or Die motherf-ers”

A group of old Marines showed us that you never really leave the military- especially when your friends are around.

Titled, “This better be you on November 11th,” the Reddit-based video shows an elderly Marine playing a few bars from the “Marine Corps Hymn”on his bugle from the seat of his car before pulling out an American flag.

“Semper Fi,” said his comrade said from the next car.

“Semper Fi, Brothers,” the bugler responded, waving his flag out the window.

Suddenly, the light turned green, sending the elderly Marines into a charge.

“Do or die, motherf***ers!” the bugler screamed, jolting off the line with flag in the air.

“Let’s go!” the other driver excitedly said, chasing after his friend. “Let’s go!”

The video was reposted from last year, but is no doubt an annual treat to remind us that deep down, we’re all still a bunch of goofy privates.

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