Official U.S. Army Twitter caught posting link to anti-Trump article

The U.S. Army came under fire on Tuesday after a tweet on the branch’s official Twitter feed claimed that presidential candidate Donald Trump “lies once every 3 minutes, 15 seconds.”

The controversial tweet -which violates the secular and nonpartisan stance of the US military as a whole- also linked to a story at the New Civil Rights Movement, a left-leaning website.

While the post was taken down, it was too late- several individuals and groups had not only seen the tweet, but had taken screenshot images and expressed their outrage over what appeared to be the U.S. Army taking a stance in politics.

“Is this a joke?” Twitter user Travis Schwartz (@TravisS1138) asked. “Since when is the U.S. military allowed to take a political stance?”

Springing into damage-control mode, the US Army quickly responded to the incident, saying it was erroneously sent by an employee who meant to use their personal account.

“The U.S. Army has not taken a political stance,” the oldest branch of the military said on its Twitter feed. “This was an error sent out mistakenly by an employee.”

According to WFTV, the Army did not specify whether the careless employee was part of their military or civilian workforce.

Army ‘whistle blower” Facebook page U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments commented on the tweet, saying that not even they could be so careless.

“Our admins have clearances, great levels of responsibility, and some of us could be professionally ruined for being involved with this page,” USAWTFM posted. “As many of you may know, we’re also IDIOTS. With that said, you don’t see us ‘accidentally’ posting links to partisan political viewpoints on our online presences.”

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