Officer killed during helicopter crash committed ‘intentional act’ to destroy aircraft

Captain James Bellew (US ARMY)

The destruction of two HH-60 helicopters at Georgia’s Fort Stewart was no accident, according to sources close to the crash investigation.

What was once believed to be a mid-air collision that took the life of Captain James Bellew on March 30 at Wright Army Airfield turned out to be an intentional destruction of both aircraft by Bellew himself, the source claimed.

The individual with knowledge of the investigation spoke to the Army Times on condition of anonymity and claimed that Bellew -who is a medical officer- started one of the helicopters on MEDEVAC standby duty, and destroyed two helicopters in what appears to be an intentional fatal flight.

“Capt. Bellew was the only crewmember involved in the incident and he was the only one injured or killed in the incident,” explained 3rd Infantry Division spokesperson LTC Lindsey Elder. “The initial indication is that all other crew members were asleep at the time of the incident.”

Bellew’s motives have not been made public, nor is it certain that the aforementioned motives have been determined by Army Criminal Investigation Division currently looking into the matter.

While Wright Airfield is not a primary use facility for the 3rd ID Combat Aviation Brigade, the airfield is used for a 24/7 rotating Medevac shift, in case of a mass casualty emergency at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

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