Obama’s Defense Budget Eliminates Production of Tomahawk Missiles

The President’s Budget for the Department of the Navy FY 2015 eliminates further production of the highly-regarded Tomahawk cruise missile after 2015, according to information released to the media by the U.S. Department of Defense (image). The proposed elimination has come as a shock to the military community, with more than a few worrying that Obama is intentionally undermining the U.S. Military. Perhaps he is, as some media outlets have suggested. But perhaps there is another explanation. In 1977 President Carter cancelled the B-1 Bomber program, but it was later leaked and then revealed the U.S. had a top secret stealth bomber waiting in the wings. The Tomahawk is now facing anti-cruise missile surface-to-air missile threats, and to counter this, the U.S. is reportedly developing a stealthier successor to the Tomahawk called the Cruise Missile XR (Extended Range). Let’s hope this is the case.

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