NYPD busts career con-man who amassed small fortune posing as wounded war vet

Jeremy Wilson

A career con man, posing as a wounded war hero, is back in police custody after an NYPD detective tracked him down and tricked him into coming to the police station.

42-year old Jeremy Wilson has been arrested in at least five states and was just released from a federal prison in New Hampshire, in November, after serving a six-year sentence. He was locked up for forging military documents to gain access to a firearms range on a military base.

Just after New Year’s Eve, investigators lured Wilson to a Chelsea police station in NYC after telling him his impounded SUV was being used as evidence for a shooting. Wilson told police after his arrest, he’s a huge admirer of Frank Abagnale, the legendary impostor made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film “Catch Me if You Can.”

NYPD Sgt. Mark MacDonnell told the NY Times, Wilson was wearing a “Wounded Warrior” hat, military-style dog tags and a Harvard Law School sweat shirt when he was busted.

Detectives said Wilson was posing as a wounded US Army vet and even had Purple Heart plates on the BMW he was able to lease from a dealer in Massachusetts — after providing them with fraudulent military documents.

The check he gave them bounced, according to the NY Times report.

Cops traced the SUV to a parking garage in the Wall Street area, using electronic license-plate readers.  Wilson contacted the lead detective on the case — Michael Almeida.– after Almeida left a note for him saying where he could be reached.

According to the NY Post, Almeida told Wilson the vehicle was “being processed for DNA” because it had blood on it from a shooting victim who ran into the garage for help. The trick worked. Wilson went to the 10th Precinct station house thinking he’d get the SUV back.

The con man was conned. Wilson is charged with grand larceny, possession of a forged instrument and criminal possession of stolen property.

The story doesn’t end here, however, Investigators are now trying to figure out how Wilson was paying cash for a luxury apartment in Lower Manhattan, and how he was able to get a working credit card and SS numbers to “amass a small fortune.”

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