NSA leaker Reality Winner reportedly wanted to “Burn down the White House,” sympathized with Bin Laden

The Air Force veteran and National Security Agency employee who leaked sensitive information allegedly wanted to burn down the White House, sympathizes with terrorist organizations and mishandled classified information while she was in the military.

25-year-old now-former intelligence contractor Reality Winner is currently facing charges after she leaked classified information regarding possible Russian hacking of the US election to the press, potentially facing a decade in prison and $250,000 in fines.

But Winner’s issues didn’t start with the leaking of intel on Russia- government officials searching Winner’s home found notes at Winner’s home which appeared to sympathize with Osama bin Laden and other terrorists, along with the statement: “I want to burn the White House down and go live in Kurdistan.”

Winner also reportedly mishandled classified information while she was in the US Air Force, stealing the information on a USB drive, which has yet to be recovered.

Winner denies the charges against her, going so far as to urge her family to manipulate the opinions of the public and the press to sympathize with her and her narrative.

“Go nuclear with the press— because that’s how Manning got out,” Winner allegedly told her mother in a recorded jail call, referring to fellow leaker Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), who was let off the hook in the closing days of the Obama administration.

In a second recorded conversation, Winner told her sibling that she would attempt to sway the courts and “go out and play the cute, blonde white girl. Braid my hair, going to cry.”

While the arrest and pending prosecution of Winner -who violated the Espionage Act- is completely justified, many individuals are sympathizing with her and urging government employees to speak out against the Trump administration-even if it means leaking classified information.

Those who align with winner have created a relief fund on her behalf, with over 670 people raising $28,800 as of Friday afternoon.

“This is a time to come together and unite in peace and hope and show the world LOVE ALWAYS WINS over hate,” the crowdfunding page states. “Good resists even when evil persists!”

According to the National Review, Rosie O’Donnell reportedly reported $1,000 to the “brave young patriot,” while leftist filmmaker Michael Moore responded to Winner’s plight by creating TrumpiLeaks, a secure portal to allow whistle-blowers to leak classified information to him.

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