“Nothing in the UCMJ that says I can’t:” Sailor says Navy has to put up with her stripping

A US Navy sailor who made headlines in the past for being an exotic dancer in her off-time can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, let alone off the stage.

Jaydn Ortiz, who lives on the West Coast, is around 23 years old and serves in the US Navy Reserves.

In February of this year, she removed most of her content from her social media after it was discovered she was dancing in her uniform.

But a newly discovered interview with her has revealed more details about her life as an exotic dancer while serving in the Navy.

While appearing on the “Bad Bit*h Arena” podcast, Ortiz told the host she joined the Navy at 18 years old after her mother who serves on active duty pressured her to do so.

She claims she didn’t work as an exotic dancer during her first two years, but by the time she was 20, she was working on the pole.

When asked by the host if her stripping was against any Department of Defense regulations or the Uniform Code of Military Justice, she took a deep breath and paused before providing an answer.

“Not to my knowledge,” she said. “There is nothing in the UCMJ that says I can’t shake some ass.”

“Was there any backlash,” the host asked. “There was backlash but schedule-wise, I am reserves so it makes it a lot easier,” Ortiz responded.

“At the beginning… they [Navy] were acting hella vanilla,” she added.

She even doubled down by saying, “but there are no rules against it and they kinda just have to put up with it.”

During the interview, the host went on to feature photos of Ortiz in her uniform.

“We have a picture of you in your uniform,” the host said. “You are probably the badest b**ch there.”

Serving as a Boatswain’s Mate, Ortiz admits she doesn’t really know how to do her job due to the fact that she hasn’t served on a ship.

YouTube video

Ortiz went viral while she was training, and noticed she was being treated differently: men were being nice to her, while female supervisors took issue with her main job.

Ortiz admits her mother knows about her stripping career, but she said the does not believe her dad knows about her seedy stage presence.

“If he does [know], he’s doing very good at not having a problem with it,” she said.

Ortiz admits that she had an OnlyFans, but gave it up and won’t do porn.

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