Not all heroes wear capes: the Marines’ super hero ninja has returned

The mythical, superhero-esque “Jacksonville Ninja” has reportedly returned to duty, showing off sweet karate moves to the people of one North Carolina Marine town.

Known by many as Jacksonville’s version of Batman, Robert Maddocks is around 56 years of age, but has nearly two decades of entertaining the city under his belt.

Clad in camo pants and sneakers , Maddocks -who goes by “Radio”- performs karate workout sessions on the side of busy Western Boulevard, often to the amusement of passers-by, who frequently cheer him on.

He was covered in a segment in the local news, in late 2007, but Maddocks has been a staple of Jacksonville for over fifteen years, and is quite popular with the local Marine population stationed at nearby Camp Lejeune.

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In fact, he’s become so well-known in the community that a Facebook page was made in his honor, as well as several amateur films.

While Maddocks hasn’t been performing as much in recent years, he was still a regular sight in Jacksonville- that is, until Hurricane Florence swept over the Carolinas, causing widespread devastation.

In the aftermath of the storm, many feared the Ninja had been displaced, injured or killed. However, Facebook user Adam Moss caught a glimpse of the legend in September, proving once and for all that not even Mother Nature could defeat the Jacksonville Ninja.

“I know that this hurricane has been devastating for many people,” Moss began. “Some have lost loved ones, friends, family, houses, and cars. However, let us not lose hope, for there are brighter days ahead. In moments like this we often look for a beacon of hope, a person or idea that brings us all together. I know exactly who that shining star is.”

“Gotham has Batman,” he continued, “But yesterday, I saw our Jacksonville hero, the one and only Jacksonville Ninja.”

Posting a photo as proof, Moss caught Maddocks standing proudly with outstretched arms- a symbol of order amidst the chaos that had plagued the city.

He is their guardian, he is their protector, and he is their friend. He is the Jacksonville Ninja.

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