North Korean defector was really just hammered on duty and trying to escape a DUI

Screenshot from the UNC-released video that shows the dramatic defection by the North Korean soldier, who drove a military jeep to the line that divides the peninsula, then ran across it under a barrage of gunfire.

Talk about making a run for the border: the North Korean defector and son of a Colonel who escaped the Hermit Kingdom last year appeared to be a drunken dash for freedom, sustaining several gunshot wounds as he fled across the demilitarized zone following what may have been a DUI.

The soldier was initially spotted on camera as he zig-zagged down a North Korean checkpoint road in a military jeep last November, plowing through a Korean People’s Army checkpoint amid gunfire and frantically-waving guards.

The defector eventually crashed the jeep, prompting a frantic and comical scramble from his vehicle as KPA troops closed in on him, firing their weapons and striking him several times.

The wounded defector was lucky to be inebriated: his wounds were severe enough that his blood trail could be clearly seen through infrared cameras on the South Korean side of the DMZ, leaving a noticeable heat trail as ROK Army troopers dragged him to safety.

The Republic of Korea Army took the defector -identified as Oh Chung Sung- in for questioning.

Since the incident, rumors have circulated that Sung committed a murder, though a subsequent investigation by the South Korean intelligence agencies revealed the young soldier was likely involved in a DUI, which led to an accident and subsequent attempt to escape the wrath of the government.

“We asked about whether he was involved in any crimes such as murder or drug addiction,” South Korean intelligence committee member Yi Wan-young said after an intelligence briefing. “I was briefed that Sung was a driver and the defection may not have been planned.”

The son of a high-ranking officer in the KPA, Sung was privileged enough to not only have access to vehicles but know how to drive one- a rare skill in a country where vehicles are restricted and hard to come by for the average citizen.

Believed to have been drunk and wanting to show off at the time, Sung reportedly attempted to impress a friend by driving them into the Panmunjom village (also known as Friendship Village), where the Korean War armistice was signed. At some point, it is believed he got into a car accident and caused death or injury, though it cannot be confirmed at this time.

According to Newsweek, Sung required several surgeries in order to survive and is currently so weak that he can only withstand about an hour of questioning a day.

While the details of his escape are not as well known, Sung shocked global news outlets when a ten-inch parasite was found inside of his stomach.

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