North Korea simulates nuking US city during founding father’s birthday

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un unveiled an explosive display of reverence for grandfather, demigod and “Perpetual President” Kim Il Sung’s birthday, complete with a CIG film showing North Korean missiles showering a nuclear holocaust upon America’s west coast.

The film, which was shown in front of a North Korean military audience and accompanied by a choir-orchestra, depicted a simulation of an American city on the west coast being attacked by North Korean nuclear missiles, followed by a harrowing scene of white crosses and burning US flags.

The Hermit Kingdom put on the performance to honor the birthday of Kim Il Sung, who is the founding father of the DPRK. His grandson, Kim Jong Un, was in attendance, sporting a hairstyle similar that of his deceased grandfather.

The North Korean nuclear program has been the subject of both rocky mishaps at home and scrutiny abroad, including a recent failed missile test and a US carrier battle group nearing the Korean Peninsula.

According to ABC Australia, the state-run North Korean news agency (all news in North Korea is state sponsored) said that “When the performance was over, all the performers and participants in the military parade broke into enthusiastic cheers of ‘hurrah!”

Kim continues to attempt to control his country, despite hushed criticism by his own people concerning both his young age and lack of military experience, two characteristics generally found in North Korean leadership classes. In North Korea, the population is consistently told that war is brewing with the United States, who are painted as wanton aggressors and imperialist forces who wish to enslave the population.

Meanwhile, human rights activists harken back to the dark reality of how people in North Korea -particularly women- suffer at the hands of the regime.

“On Kim Il-Sung’s birthday, the world should remember just how severe the North Korean government’s abuses against women are, and not be distracted by the annual camera-ready propaganda parade in Pyongyang where women wear fancy colorful dresses, perform public dances, and shout meaningless slogans of praise for a dead leader,” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The harsh reality is that every day North Korean women face severe gender discrimination at work and home, and sexual harassment and violence that the authorities do nothing to stop.”

In a recent trip to the DMZ, US Vice President Mike Pence has repeatedly warned that the US is ending its era of “strategic patience” with North Korea and would meet any attack with “overwhelming response.” In addition, a US Carrier battle group is standing by in the region as tensions continue to rise.

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