Nobody believes what this soldier saw after a suicide bomber blew him up

Photo by Eboni Everson-Myart

A retired Army captain wants you to remember what happened six years ago today, not because he received the Medal of Honor for his actions that day, but because he would gladly take it all back to not have.

Captain Florent’s Groberg’s bravery cost him the loss of 45 to 50 percent of his left calf muscle with significant nerve damage, a blown eardrum, a mild traumatic brain injury, and four brave American comrades.

Nobody questions his bravery that day in Afghanistan, but many find it hard to believe what he saw when he woke up in a hospital in Germany.

Watch him tell you in his own words:

YouTube video

If you wish to honor Captain Florent Groberg on this day, do him a favor and honor the memory of the soldiers who he lives to honor…

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