No discipline in gender integrated Army combat arms basic training

Look out, “Relaxin’ Jackson,” a training unit in Fort Sill just released a video that might help the post compete for “chillest basic training.”

The video -which was shot by First Sergeant Angelo M. Johnson of Alpha Battery of the 1/31 Field Artillery Battalion- showed several soldiers -including female recruits- being interviewed by the NCOIC, casually sitting in the grass and answering his questions.

Awkwardly shot in vertical format, the First Sergeant doesn’t seem the least bit upset that his soldiers (who at least are addressing him accordingly) are calmly sitting in the grass, talking to him like he’s their school guidance counselor.

While junior enlisted soldiers are in training, they are almost always required to stand at parade rest while speaking with non-commissioned officers.

The female soldiers in particular, it would seem, are the most relaxed, though the male recruit deemed it fit to rock back and forth like a giddy middle school student.  What is most troubling is the First Sergeant does not find it necessary to require the soldiers to maintain a level of discipline while addressing him.

1SG Angelo Johnson, the battalion’s staff duty and the commander of Alpha Battery could not be reached for comment -despite numerous attempts.

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