NFL rookie cries during interview over his 3% tattoo, says he’s having it removed

An NFL rookie from a military family made a tearful and emotional appeal on live television, promising to remove his “III%er” tattoo after he was targeted online by social justice warriors.

Justin Rorhwasser, who previously played college football for Marshall, recently spoke out about his “III%” tattoo, which is one of many patriotic ink-works that adorn his body.

“When I was 18, I got it. [3 Percenters were] described to me as the percentage of colonists that rose up against the authoritarian government of the British, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s such an American sentiment,’” he told WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton. “A patriotic sentiment. And coming from a military family, I thought that really spoke to me and I always was proud to be an American. I’m very proud to be an American.”

The Three Percenter group is largely made up of current and former military and law enforcement and maintains a strict “non-militia,” “non-discriminatory” and “non-anti-government” stance.

“We are NOT anti-government,” the group’s website states. “In fact, we are very pro-government, so long as the government abides by the Constitution, doesn’t overstep its bounds, and remains ‘for the people and by the people.’ Our goal is to utilize the failsafes put in place by our founders to rein in an overreaching government and push back against tyranny. We are working to preserve the intent of our government as designed. We do not intend to implement our own government. There is often a misconception that we are wanting to overthrow the government. This is simply not true and a false rumor to try and paint our movement as anti-government.”

The website goes on to stress the organization is not an anti-government militia.

“We are NOT a militia,” the site reads. “However, we do have meetings on local levels. These meetings are to help members network together and to learn from each other. Being a Three Percenter is more of a way of life rather than a club to join. As such, there are no membership fees or dues and we will not charge people to participate in a movement that defends civil liberties.”

Despite this, the III%er movement has been targeted by certain advocacy groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and far-left organizations such as Antifa.

It should be noted, however, that the SPLC also lists the Gun Owners of America (a pro-second Amendment nonprofit organization), the Constitution Party (a recognized national political party) and the American Policy Center (a non-profit “dedicated to the promotion of free enterprise and limited government regulations over commerce and individuals”).

It is unknown which “watchdog” group contacted Rorhwasser or what was specifically said, but the football player was apparently shown links that labeled the organization as a hate group.

According to TMZ, Rorhwasser was harassed relentlessly online, with people calling him a “white supremacist sympathizer” and “racist.”

Despite having the tattoo since he was 18, the 23-year-old kicker is now kicking his tattoo to the curb in an attempt to do right by the people who denounced him.

“As soon as I saw what it was linked to on Saturday, it’s exactly that time I knew I had to get it totally taken off my body,” he said, breaking down into tears as he spoke. “I said ‘cover it up,’ but I want to get it removed from my body. It’s shameful that I had it on there ignorantly. I’m sorry for all my family that have to defend me.”

The New England Patriot then began to cry on TV.

The Three Percenter movement made national headlines in 2017, after several members showed up armed and strategically placed themselves between factions of the far-left and far-right, respectively.

In an interview with the Washington Post, III%er chapter head Christian Yingling stated that both sides protesting in Charlottesville were “jackasses,” and that his group was there only to guard the First Amendment, which protects the right to free speech.

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