New information released about soldier arrested for posting videos of girls he secretly recorded to OnlyFans

Update: More information has been revealed about the soldier, assigned to Special Operations Command, who was arrested for secretly recording women.

Andrew Nathaniel Gomez is now also charged with five counts of disclosure of private images, four counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and three counts each of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, secret peeping, and first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

At the time the new charges were filed, Gomez was out on $10,000 bail after first being arrested on March 22nd for six felony counts of secret peeping.

March 23, 2023 – A United States Army Soldier based in North Carolina has been arrested and charged several times over after he was accused of filming sexual encounters with women without their knowledge.

25-year-old Andrew Nathaniel Gomez was picked up by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office after victims came forward and claimed that the videos posted to Gomez’s OnlyFans page were filmed without her consent.

“At least one victim has come forward stating that she was recorded without her consent, and it was posted on a web page,” said Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Patrice Bogertey.

However, things may not be as they appear on the surface.

Gomez has insisted that the charges are an act of malice on the alleged victims part, and that a woman he was intimate with posted the videos after he entered a relationship with another woman.

“I think it’s more like revenge ’cause I ghosted her, and she wanted to date me,” Gomez said. “She also has an account on that website platform, where she’s posted me.”

According to Fox 8, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is seeking to identify the other women in some of Gomez’s videos, although the wordage of the public information officer implies that Gomez is the perpetrator, rather than a possible victim being falsely accused.

“We have other videos of women that have not been identified and the detectives are attempting to identify who they are because if they are victims, we’d like to seek justice for them,” Bogertey said.

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