New details released about Ranger battalion commander suspended from command

U.S. Army Lt. Col Nathan Showman and other Army Rangers, assigned to the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, waits for two UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter to land onto Stringer Drop Zone, Dahlonega, Ga., July 14, 2023. These Rangers are jumping to stay current on jump status, and continue to be proficient paratroopers. (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Sgt. 1st Class Austin Berner)

By Andy Wolf

The commander of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion and a noted figure in one of the most iconic books about the Iraq War has been suspended from command following a scandal involving the use of a dating app.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Showman, who oversees the 5th RTB, was temporarily relieved of his duties on the 26 of January as an investigation was launched in regards to his conduct.

Showman’s attorney revealed that the investigation is related to Showman’s use of a dating profile and subsequent consensual relationships, though details were limited.

“This investigation in no way is accusing [Lt. Col.] Showman of sexual harassment or any similarly related allegation,” Robert Capovilla of the Capovilla & Williams law firm told “Rather, it appears the Army is attacking a single, heterosexual man, and his desire to have a dating profile and to have consensual dating relationships with other adults.”

“We are confident in [Lt. Col.] Showman’s ability to continue to lead and continue to be a successful officer in the United States Army,” the attorney added.

Showman is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and was commissioned as an infantry officer out of Xavier University’s ROTC program in 2005, according to his Army bio.

His first assignment was at Fort Riley, Kansas, with the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, where he served as a platoon leader during a deployment to Iraq in 2007.

Showman was mentioned quite frequently as a pivotal character in author David Finkel’s “Good Soldiers” the story of his battalion as they navigated a particularly challenging 15-month combat tour during the Iraq War’s “Surge” campaign.

At the time, Showman was a lieutenant in charge of a rifle and scout platoon, respectively.

In the book, it was apparent that Showman was a particular favorite of the battalion commander, then-Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Kauzlarich, also a veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Colonel Kauzlarich served as a regimental Training Officer, 3rd Ranger Battalion S1, and the regimental senior LNO, after commanding a Ranger company in the 3rd Battalion.

Showman was originally in charge of Kauzlarich’s Personal Security Detail, and several excerpts from the book detail his personal battle in dealing with several losses in his unit.

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