New details released about military school teacher involved with student

Michele Little (Sarasota Military Academy/ LinkedIn)

New information has been uncovered in the case involving a female high school teacher alleged to have been acting inappropriately with an underage male military academy student.

Michele Anne Little, 29, faces felony charges for indecent, lewd, or lascivious touching after a teenage cadet at the Sarasota Military Academy High School admitted to “making out” with Little.

The teacher’s arrest took place on April 28, and the incident in question took place on April 17.

According to Law & Crime, an affidavit from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office stated that the teen “did not have Little as an instructor for any of his classes,” but that the teacher would call him “hot” and “dangerous” due to the 17-year-old cadet being so close to legal age.

Seemingly unwilling to wait a year for the young man to graduate and no longer be under her care, Little reportedly got a little frisky.

“[The teen] said the Friday before the incident he was in her room at lunch and she asked him if he was dominant or recessive ([the teen] interpreted this statement as sexual in nature). He said he didn’t know why she was asking this. He said she told him she could ‘show him a couple things,’” the affidavit read.

“He said Captain Little put a testing/tutoring sign on the door when he entered the classroom while he was there. He said it was just them in the room and she told him that she had to take a cold shower and a hot plunge after school on Friday to clear her head because of him,” the statement continued. “He said Captain Little told him that she thought about them together over the weekend and was all for it. [The teen] said she told him that he was so ‘f—ing hot.’ When they got close together she told him ‘God you are so f—ing hot,” the affidavit continued.

Little then reportedly made out with the teenager for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

“[The teen] said he feels that she wanted to keep this going because she told him that they have 6 more weeks to do this.”

Little has denied the allegations.

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