New boots for all Marines

New Orleans —¬†With the release of Marine Administrative Message 299/14, the Marine Corps will replace the Temperate Weather Marine Corps Combat Boot with the Hot Weather and Temperate Weather Rugged All-Terrain boot, beginning in fiscal year 2015, the new boots will be issued to recruits and officer candidates.

The RAT boots, according to the MARADMIN, have a longer useful life than the MCCBs and will show in the clothing allowance for each Marine. The allowance change will reflect the price difference and longer useful life of the RAT boot, decreasing the clothing allowance by $31.07 per active-duty enlisted Marine.

The standard RAT boots are brown rough-side-out leather boots with a reinforced heel and toe and a wider platform for better weight distribution. Like the other Marine Corps boots, a Marine Corps emblem is heat-embossed on the outer ankle, identifying the RAT boots as authorized to wear by Marines.

The Marine Corps will outfit every Marine with the RAT boots by October 1, 2016. For more information on the RAT boots, see MARADMIN 299/14.


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