New advanced kit system created by real grunts

Virtus dynamic weight distribution (DWD) system

This new and improved kit system called Virtus was designed for and tested by British infantrymen. It allows infantrymen to customize their kit to the level of armor they require for each specific mission. But its best feature is the dynamic weight distribution system which gives an infantryman the ability to adjust the weight of their kit and ruck on their back.

Virtus dynamic weight distribution (DWD) system
Virtus dynamic weight distribution (DWD) system

The system essentially serves as a exo-skeleton spine that provides support for the wearer’s back. If the system performs half as well as it claims it could save thousands of infantrymen from the lower back problems they are all known to have.

Location: Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) Event: Visit to the Infantry Trials and Development Unit (ITDU) for a preview of the new Virtus body armour and load carrying system due to come into service around September 2015. Pictured: Virtus helmet with mounted Modular Night Vision Device.

Even the helmet features a scalable counterweight that is attached to the helmet’s rear to ease strain on the wearer’s neck.  Anyone who has been on a long night mission using an old heavy pair of PVS-7B’s knows how annoying it is to keep ratcheting down their chin strap.  It is not known if the U.S. military has any intention of testing a weight distribution system.

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