Navy wife transforms herself after husband asks her for a divorce while on deployment

A military spouse went from a size 18 to a size 2, kicking into overdrive when her husband said he wanted a divorce.

Kailin Turner decided to surprise her deployed Navy husband by shedding the weight that had reached a peak during his time away.

Doing intense workouts and eating right, Turner had been feeling the burn for eight weeks when her husband emailed her asking for a divorce.

“If I can do this being a military wife with a husband deployed, and on top of that this morning finding out that he wants to divorce me, then anybody can get out and do their workout,” she said in her video.

Pushing herself to her limits, Turner ran on “divorce tears” and determination for four years, transforming from a size 18 into a sculpted size two.

“To stand in front of this mirror and see what kind of work I put in and see it in front of me is something I never, ever, ever thought I could do when I was 196 pounds,” she said.

Despite having lupus and a myriad of other medical conditions, Turner continues to push herself.

YouTube video

She said that she has great adoration for all body types, but that she wanted women to realize that they were worth and capable of so much more than they think they are.

“If you’re a woman and you’re not confident, I want you to realize that you are amazing, and you are beautiful.”

*This article was originally published in 2016

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