Navy veteran stuns Best Buy employee by saying “you’re welcome for my service”

A Navy veteran showed us the very worst of “vet-bros” with a hilarious series of “candid” encounters.

Wearing a “TOP GUN” sleeveless shirt and a “US Navy” hat topped with a pair of Oakleys, Cassady Campbell took on a stereotypical Southern accent and made an absolute fool of himself in a variety of retail locations, introducing unsuspecting employees and patrons to some curious antics.

“Chester,” as Campell’s character is known, will make you want to laugh as much as you want to wince.

From thanking other people for his service to less-than-appropriate levels of sharing while in conversation with strangers (to include interracial porn), “Chester” would commit several acts of mass cringe throughout the video, included telling a woman not to “get too excited,” since he’s married.

Prior to doing comedy and YouTube videos, Campbell served in the US Navy for seven years, with his first ship being the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis. After serving aboard the Stennis, Campbell was assigned to Fort Worth, Texas, and eventually got out.

Campbell, who is rather soft-spoken in real life, said that much of his inspiration for his characters came from real-life Navy Chiefs, who would “literally just say the most ridiculous stuff.”

“They would have nothing better to do and just go micromanage people,” he said.

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