Navy veteran calls out Maxine Waters for living out of her district in a $6 million home

A US Navy veteran from California is taking on one of the most controversial congresswomen in recent memory- challenging her incumbent seat as representative of the Golden State.

Joe E. Collins III, a former member of the US Navy and a native of South Central Los Angeles, has challenged Maxine Waters (D-CA) for control of her 43rd District.

His claim is a simple one- Waters does not live in the place she claims to represent, and she is woefully out of touch with the needs of the people.

In a video posted to Twitter, Collins discussed the matter from outside Waters’ mansion, denouncing Waters for being so distant from the issues.

“Do you know where I am? Maxine Waters’ $6 Million Mansion,” he wrote. “Do you know where I’m NOT? Her District.”

In the video, Collins drove home the claim that Waters remains in office to supplement her lifestyle out of the district she claims to represent.

“Maxine Waters does not drink our water, she does not breathe our air,” he said. “And while she sits here in her mansion, our district is in ruins.”

Collins spent thirteen years in the United States Navy.

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