Navy vet speaks out to local news about his dislike of Army vet comedian’s PTSD video

A US Navy veteran in Tennessee is setting his sights on a fellow veteran-turned-comedian who made a joke about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Murfreesboro resident and US Navy veteran Joe Schmitt was reportedly offended by veteran/comedian (A Combat Veteran) Drew Hernandez’s video, titled “Types of Veterans You Shouldn’t Be After the Military.”

This week, Schmitt went to his local Fox News to express his disdain with the video that was posted to social media over five months ago.

In the video, Hernandez gives sound advice on not becoming a cliche veteran stereotype such as the “war hero.” In one example he says, “Don’t be the guy known for having PTSD.”

“PTSD for guys is like chicks whenever they’re hormonal before the period is about to drop, sensitive to information, don’t want to be bothered and attitude sucks,” Hernandez said in the video.

“Check out don’t be a b**** , get over it you’re not the only one.”

While the video has brought humor to many, Schmitt isn’t laughing.

“As someone who suffers from PTSD I could see a video like this taking someone who is already on the edge in crisis mode and being pushed over the edge because now their condition he’s completely being minimized,” Schmitt told Fox 17 Nashville. “I think this particular video may interfere with people actually going seeking care for PTSD, that’s just me.”

Meanwhile, combat veteran Hernandez can empathize but knows he can’t please everyone.

“When I was in Iraq I put a pistol in my mouth,” Hernandez said. “I’ve been through it I understand it…I struggle personally with PTSD so I understand. So when you watch this video you’ve got to take it for what it is,” Hernandez said, noting that his videos have helped some veterans. “There are both sides of the spectrum. I know it helps people, and I know it’s pissing people off but that’s not something I can control.”

Hernandez has become something of a celebrity with his videos, which range from jokes about dating combat veterans to less than tactful questions that civilians ask people who have been to combat.

Hernandez told Popular Military that Schmitt never reached out to him before approaching his local news with his opinions of the video in question.

Following the news coverage, he spoke to Schmitt personally to give him the opportunity to voice his grievances.  Hernandez offered to remedy the situation by inviting him to a one on one discussion about PTSD, which would air in a podcast to the veteran community.

Schmitt denied his invitation, which led him Hernandez to believe that Schmitt’s original intent was to garner personal attention.

The “Types of Veterans You Shouldn’t Be After the Military” has been removed from all social media but a medically retired veteran posted a review with his support of the video.

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