Navy vet, DoD contractor found in his apartment 3 years after he died, rent was on auto-pay

A Texas Navy veteran’s body was left unattended in his home for three years before it was discovered, raising more questions than answers.

A medical examiner recently declared that Ron White had been dead for years after his remains were found in his DeSoto apartment last week, a tragic ending to the 51 years of his life as a Sailor and defense contractor.

For his family, the mystery has been solved- though the truth hurts to bear.

My son would call me at least twice a month,” his mom Doris Stevens told WFAA. “He would call me from Egypt. He would call me from the Philippines. He would call me right from Dallas,” she said.

Located in Long Island, Stevens couldn’t do much when her Texas-based son stopped calling around 2017.

“All them days, holidays, I just suffered. Because nobody wanted to help find him,” Stevens said.

With no money to pay for a private investigator, the family just went on with their life.

When DeSoto Police began investigating apartment units that were not using water, they found White’s body.

“What I can tell you is it is very clear when officers entered that he had been there for a while,” confirmed Pete Schulte, a detective with the DeSoto Police Department.

White, who received retirement funds from the Navy, had his rent linked to his account for automatic payments. Because of this, nobody really noticed he was absent.

For Stevens, the truth hurt in unimaginable ways.

“When the medical examiner told me three years, my knees gave away. Three years? And that’s what I can’t get past in my brain. I can’t get past three years,” Stevens said. “My biggest question is, how in the world could my son have been dead in that apartment and nobody knows anything?”

White’s F-150, covered in dust, remained in the carport parking area for years on end- a testament to White’s neglect following his death.

A spokesperson for DeSoto Town Center -who rented out the room to the Navy veteran- released a written statement on the matter:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr. White during this difficult time. 

Mr. White was frequently out of the country and his bills were paid through automatic withdrawals from his accounts. Our maintenance personnel discovered his body when they identified and responded to a service issue at his apartment. We are cooperating with the police as they investigate this incident.”

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