Navy using SEAL virtual reality experience to recruit high school students

Navy Recruiting Command has been using a mobile, high-tech combat simulation module to assist with their recruiting efforts.

The module, which uses Oculus Rift VR headsets was first unveiled during Sacramento Navy Week last year.

For their 2016-2017 recruiting tour, the U.S. Navy wanted to completely makeover their digital footprint. Keeping in tune with “There’s no tech like Navy tech,” Helios created three innovative experiences that were fully integrated with all digital experiences within their space.

The Navy created the virtual reality experience to allow participants to experience a high-speed water extraction of a Navy SEAL team pinned down under enemy fire, only from the safety of a seat in one of the Navy’s two newest virtual reality modules.

Helios built a personalized, RFID-integrated touch screen application that briefed guests on their VR mission. To tie the entire experience together, Helios created a second touch-screen application that revealed the guest’s game score and displayed information on specific Naval positions.

“The experience showcases what it feels like to be part of today’s Navy, which is increasingly operating the most advanced technology and weapon systems in the world,” says the Navy.

“We are excited to introduce today’s Navy experience,” said Navy Recruiting Command Deputy Commander Rear Adm. Doug “Woody” Beal. “We’ve spent significant time and resources developing this state-of-the-art virtual reality experience to transform and elevate the way people think about the Navy.”

Participants go through a video briefing before strapping on a virtual reality headset and piloting a high-speed assault craft while extracting SEALs. Once finished, participants move to the debriefing station, where they get feedback and are graded on their performance.

“This display offers users the most realistic Navy experience possible,” continued Beal. “Virtual reality has allowed the U.S. Navy to come a long way. Where we once were only able to describe these experiences, now we can actually show the reality of a Navy mission in an interactive way, using the best technology available. It’s a new opportunity to demonstrate how the Navy helps develop and deploy the most technologically advanced equipment in the world.”

US Navy: VR Recruiting from Helios Interactive on Vimeo.

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