“Navy SEAL” under fire for raging barista over wearing a mask

An alleged Navy SEAL reportedly had a temper tantrum and confronted two teenage employees working at a local coffee shop in California.

The meltdown seemed to be part of a larger topic that people seem divided over- wearing a mask.

The Sailor attempted to walk up to the drive-in window and make an order, with his mask dangling from his face.

“First of all, you’re going to listen to me because I’m a customer and I’ve been coming here since 2009,” alleged Seal Team 7 member said. “I will tell everyone at the teams never to come back here again, including the dudes in BUD/S.”

According to the Military Times, Seal Team 7 recently had its entire senior leadership relieved of duty due to a slew of allegations, ranging from seual assault to misconduct.

The Sailor’s antics were caught on film as he spoke to what appeared to be a manager.

“The way that guy just talked to me- not only that, he’s uneducated on the policies of the state of California, what makes the law the law. He needs to do a little reading, maybe go back to school,” he said. “The next time he talks to me like that I’m not coming back to your guys’ establishment. “I’m not getting coffee here. I’m going over to Starbucks, which I can’t stand.”

Unfortunately for the SEAL, CA Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order last month that made masks a mandatory affair for all Californians going into public spaces.

The establishment, Clayton’s Coffee Shop, issued a statement on the matter.

“We respectfully ask all of our guests to comply with California’s orders to wear masks when at our establishment, and have given permission to our staff to respectfully require this of all guests,” they wrote on Facebook. “In order to continue to stay open for business, we must adhere to this.”

Masks have been a divisive issue in the United States, and not necessarily one that goes along party lines. From claustrophobia to the prospect of being forced to do something and the inconsistencies regarding medical advice on masks, the mandatory wearing of the cloth face covers has proven to be rather controversial for some.

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