Navy SEAL hit on wife of Green Beret he killed months before being sent to prison

Army Green Beret Logan Melgar

One of the US Navy SEALs accused of murdering an Army Green Beret in 2017 reportedly attempted to hit on the operator’s widow and persuade her to see his men in a better light.

Michelle Melgar, widow of Army Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar, reported that Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Adam C. Matthews had approached her at a costume party that took place during SHOT Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Introducing himself as a friend of her husband and asking if she was lost, Matthews referred to himself as “Mike” and attempted to make conversation with Mrs. Melgar.

“He knew who he was talking to,” said Melgar’s friend, who was with her at the time.

Wasting no time, Matthews exchanged numbers with Melgar before telling her that the SEALs did nothing wrong, claiming her husband’s death in Mali was an accident.

“It wasn’t really murder,” he told her.

The next day, Matthews texted Melgar and asked if he could “take a nap” in her hotel room.

“Can I come nap? Im (sic) dying,” Matthews wrote.

Needless to say, Melgar was having none of it, and a Green Beret soon sent Matthews a text after Melgar spoke up.

“This is a friend of Mrs. Melgar,” wrote the Green Beret, who accompanied the widow to SHOT. “She doesn’t have visibility on this. Read carefully and heed this message. You will lose her number and will not contact her again. You’re (sic) sentiment may be from a place of loyalty; however, in this situation it is completely inappropriate and unbecoming of a member of our community. This is a black mark in the SEAL community and your efforts are keeping the wound open. Do not contact her again. Actions have consequences.”

Matthews, however, didn’t listen. In fact, he doubled down.

“I think we should sit down somewhere private before the craziness begins tonight,” he wrote. “Things are extremely strange right now. That was an unbelievable coincidence last night, but I hope you understand that I only wanted to talk to you. I have/had no intent otherwise as soon as I found out your background. I sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.”

Blocking the number, Melgar flew back to Fort Bragg, where she then asked prosecutors for pictures of Matthews and SEAL Chief Special Warfare Operator Anthony DeDolph.

Despite the fact that Matthews was dressed as Rambo at the costume party, she immediately recognized him.

Not long after, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) reportedly opened an investigation. According to the Daily Beast, NCIS would not confirm or deny the existence of the investigation.

Matthews’ lawyer claims the interaction was an innocent coincidence.

“This meeting was an innocent coincidence with zero romantic intent by either individual,” attorney Grover Baxley wrote in an email. “SOC Matthews did not ‘hit on’ Mrs. Melgar.”

Five months after the encounter, Matthews pleaded guilty to hazing, assault charges and attempts to cover up the details behind Melgar’s death.

He was given one year in military prison.

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