Navy SEAL famous for exposing stolen valor says YouTube banned him for outing fake Vietnam vet

Navy SEAL veteran Don Shipley claims YouTube shut him down after he exposed the activist Nathan Phillips for not serving in Vietnam.

After 24-years in the Navy as a SEAL Senior Chief, Don Shipley retired in 2003. He served at SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO, the Naval Special Warfare Center (BUD/S) and Naval Special Warfare Group TWO in Little Creek Virginia as a SEAL Advanced Training Instructor.

He served in eight SEAL Platoons, was Platoon Chief in five, and awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism during a Search and Rescue Mission.

After retiring from the Navy he became a Blackwater Security Contractor spending a year in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Since then, he has operated the Extreme SEAL Experience in Chesapeake, VA and has committed himself to expose those who steal honor from other SEALs by pretending to be one.

For years, he used YouTube as his main platform for distributing video content of him busting “phony SEALs,” but as of last month, he has been shut down.

He claims he has only been cited for minor music copyright violations in the past but says YouTube came after him for outing Native American activist Nathan Phillips for masquerading “as a Vietnam vet.”

YouTube claims Shipley’s account was terminated because he was sharing too much information that could be used to identify other people. The company claimed “sometimes enticed Internet users to reach out to those people in his videos directly to criticize them,” according to Fox News.

At the time he Shipley’s it had had approximately 232,000 subscribers, which he had accumulated since 2008.

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