Navy SEAL calls out NY Times for promoting Russian space achievements on Apollo 11 anniversary

In recent years, there has been a growing trend to downplay historical American accomplishments in media, and one US Congressman didn’t fail to notice.

Dan Crenshaw, a Republican Congressman from Texas and a retired US Navy SEAL, called out outlets such as the New York Times and The Washington Post for attempting to downplay the US moon landing days before it’s 50th anniversary, claiming the Soviet Union truly “won” the space race due to the fact that the former country sent women and minorities into space first.

In their respective articles, the outlets spared no expense when it came to undermining the fact that the United States is the only nation to set foot on lunar soil.

America may have put the first man on the moon, but the Soviet Union sent the first woman, the first Asian man, and the first black man into orbit- all years before the U.S. would follow suit,” the New York Times posted to Twitter, promoting the article titled, “How the Soviets Won the Space Race for Equality.”

While the Times article gave a brief history of how Soviet partner (i.e. Communist) states could send astronauts up with the USSR on missions, the overall message was blatantly clear.

“Cosmonaut diversity was key for the Soviet message to the rest of the globe,” the author wrote. “Under socialism, a person of even the humblest origins could make it all the way up.”

Crenshaw was not amused, retweeting the NYT article with commentary of his own.

“Why is it that every time something has the potential to bring us together -in this case, the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11- leftist media outlets do their best to undermine the notion that Americans should be proud of their country?” he wrote.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post published an article of their own, describing the space race as a “mostly white and male” affair.

“The culture that put men on the moon was intense, fun, family-unfriendly, and mostly white and male,” WaPo tweeted.

While Crenshaw didn’t specifically mention the latter article, he didn’t really have to- there were plenty of people willing to respond.

“Considering what was accomplished, I’m not sure this bit of hectoring tripe is going to do what you meant it to do,” David D. Goodwin responded.

One man, identified as Mark Nau, summed the comments up perfectly.

“This article makes me cheer on the death of newspapers,” he wrote.

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