Navy says Sailors are being targeted by prostitutes to gather intel

Prostitutes in Bahrain are milking Sailors for lucrative information and sensitive secrets, according to military authorities.

The claims involve servicemembers with the US 5th Fleet, who are stationed on the Middle Eastern Island in the city of Manama.

Special Agent Joe Minucci provided information on the matter in training media for incoming personnel.

“They’re collecting intel on you,” he said. “They want to know about what your job is, what you do, what access you have, ship movements, the type of ship that comes in.”

An expert on the matter, Minucci previously served on an NCIS trafficking task force.

In the video, Minucci mentioned that women who are trafficked in will sell whatever information they can get on you in order to get out of having to sell their bodies.

“Although they don’t really have a need for that information, they sell that information, and that’s how they make more money in order to get themselves out of the situation they’re in,” he said.

Bahrain has a serious issue with sex trafficking, including US Navy sailors who are “in the loop” with illicit operations.

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