Navy Sailor busted seeking underage boys online for a second time

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A US Navy Sailor who is possibly under investigation by NCIS was confronted a second time for seeking underage boys online for sexual encounters.

People vs. Predators (PVP), a private organization dedicated to catching child predators online confronted the Sailor only known as “Malachi” this month after he made sexual comments to a supposed 14-year-old boy online.

A person from the organization confronted him outside what appears to be his San Diego residence.

“Yo Malachi, do you remember that 14-year-old boy you were playing around with last night?” PVP says.

“What about him,” Malachi responds.

“You think that’s okay to do…still?” PVP says.

“I was just f***ing with you bro,” Malachi says after seeming to catch on that he was being confronted by the same organization for a second time.

“Do you know how many laws you broke last night?” PVP says.

“None, I’d made sure to look them up,” Malachi smugly responds.

“You’re number 171 now Malachi, from 17,” PVP says -referring to the number of child predators they have caught.

In August of last year, Malachi was featured as PVP’s 17th bust while being confronted for attempting to have sex with a 14-year-old boy.

YouTube video

“Is NCIS talking to you bro?” PVP says.

“I already went through them,” Malachi replies.

“Is that why you are leaving your Grindr phone at home now?” PVP questions.

While starting to breathe heavily, Malachi explains he left his phone home while he went to work, adding that is currently off.

“I’m not cuffed, I’m not a pedophile,” Malachi says while showing his wrists.

At this point, PVP goes on to show numerous messages between Malachi and the supposed 14-year-old boy on the Grindr app.

YouTube video

In May, a Navy Master Chief was confronted by the same organization for seeking sexual encounters with an underage boy.

Popular Military has yet to contact the Navy to ascertain whether an investigation is being conducted or has been conducted.

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