Navy releases new fashion for service members headed to the brig


“Bread and water” might be on its way out in the Navy, but penal uniforms are back.

The saltiest branch of the military is looking at new uniforms for sailors who end up in the brig- and they’re predictably bland, ugly and identifiable.

Known as the “standardized prisoner uniform,” the “con clothes” come in two flavors: those awaiting trial will wear a “chocolate brown” version, while those already convicted and counting the days will be issued a “tan” variation.

Since most Navy prisoners who would wear the uniform stand little chance of staying in the Navy, officials claimed it made little sense to have them wearing utility uniforms. By adopting the prisoner duds, the Navy can enhance security at detention facilities, easily identifying prisoners from staff.

According to the Navy Times, the uniform costs around $45 per set- a fiscal win, since most prisoners will experience loss of income.

“Prison populations are largely comprised of prisoners incarcerated for crimes against people, which is reflected in courts-martial judgments with longer sentences and more less-than-honorable discharges from service,” said Jonathan Godwin, the senior corrections program specialist with the Corrections and Programs Office at Navy Personnel Command. “Punishments consist of total forfeiture of all pay and allowance, and it is rare for a prisoner to return to active duty.”

The uniforms will roll out on May 1, and affect approximately 357 people in Navy brings around the world.

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