Navy officer sentenced for trying to fornicate with 12-year-old deaf girl

Lt. j.g. Michael D. McNeil of the destroyer Lassen (Clay County Sheriff's Office)

A Florida-based officer in the US Navy was sentenced to a decade behind bars for attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with a pre-teen deaf girl.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Douglas McNeil will serve an additional half-decade of probation after release and will be forever marked as a sex offender.

According to the Navy Times, the “deaf girl” was actually an undercover deputy with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, who set the sting operation.

McNeil was assigned to the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen at Naval Station Mayport, and pleaded guilty in December to the crime, which took place in August.

I’m just…(expletive) up,” McNeil said. “I’m a (expletive) idiot. I have a perfect life, perfect wife, perfect kid…curiosity got to me and…I (expletive) up. (Expletive) stupid. And now, you know, I could lose everything.”

McNeil believed he was texting with the uncle of the “girl,” and told the undercover agent that the encounter would be a fantasy scenario for him.

“She’s deaf,” the detective told McNeil. “And I haven’t learned sign language.”

“Lol, it’s just you and her?” McNeil replied.

“Yeah, just us,” the detective said.

“Lucky guy ;)” McNeil said

Around 239 texts and explicit photos were exchanged within a 24-hour period, ranging from August 29 to August 30.

After he was arrested, McNeil claimed he would not have gone through with it, and was a well-intentioned vigilante.

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