Navy launches new app for leaders

WEST 2015 Navy Sea Warrior eDIVO demo
SAN DIEGO (Feb. 2, 2015) A visitor to the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association-U.S. Naval Institute (AFCEA/USNI) West 2015 convention tries the eDIVO application on a smart phone. eDIVO is a Navy division officer information and management tool for mobile devices that aggregates documents, providing easy access to the most commonly used and referenced official U.S. Navy information and resources. (U.S. Navy photo by Krishna Jackson/Released)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy launched a new app today named eDIVO, designed to provide junior officers and chief petty officers with quick access to information and resources all conveniently located within one mobile application.

The eDIVO app is the creation of two junior officers, Lt. Charlie Hymen and Lt. John Harry, who were frustrated with the arduous task of sifting through numerous websites and documents in search of military guidance. Today, their idea and determination has led to the eDIVO app, developed by the Navy and now available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The eDIVO app aggregates publicly available information providing quick access to more than 44 documents and 8,300 pages of information in one convenient place significantly decreasing the amount of time it takes to search for frequently needed information. In addition, the eDIVO app works disconnected thus enabling use anywhere, whether ashore or afloat.

“The basic concept was to design a mobile app to help division officers and chief petty officers with their day-to-day management of personnel and divisional affairs, as well as give them the tools to succeed as effective leaders,” said Hymen. “Actually seeing our app turn into a reality is very fulfilling.”

“We are thrilled to see this app launched today in both the Apple and Android platforms because we understand first-hand how this product will make life easier for the division officer,” said Harry.

eDIVO is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tool available for smartphones and tablets, and allows the division officers to find applicable information such as basic military requirements, evaluation writing, sexual assault and harassment, legal issues, enlisted advancement, equal opportunity, and navigation basics. It is designed to help DIVOs take the appropriate steps when faced with typical situations they encounter day-to-day.

Beta testers of eDIVO have given the app positive reviews. Lt. j.g. David Galiyas, assistant plans and policies officer, Amphibious Squadron (COMPHIBRON) 6 said, “Instead of spending countless hours searching for instructions, forms and other essential administration, division officers have all of the necessary tools at their fingertips, and can spend more time leading and developing their Sailors. I can’t stress enough how much of a positive impact eDIVO will have on the Surface Navy.”

Also included with the app is a Rules of the Road quiz that includes a question bank of more than 1200 questions (and answers) ensuring that those standing watch are equipped with the resources and training they need to keep their ships safe.

Lt. j.g. Hans Lauzen, eDIVO tester and combat information center officer, USS Essex (LHD 2) stated, “eDIVO revolutionizes the way a DIVO can work, and brings being a naval officer into the 21st century. Being able to access key publications, helpful tips, and Rules of the Road quizzes from my phone, I am able to immediately make an impact within my division. It even works on airplane mode so I can use it on the high seas!”

The division officer app was developed by the U.S. Navy Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) and produced under an agile development process that allowed an operational utility prototype to be released within six months. This process was specifically designed to develop the eDIVO app, and future apps, on a short timeline and small budget. Tracen Technologies Inc., a company that specializes in integrated mobile and web solutions, was the software developer.


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