Navy launches “Biggest Loser” contest to save energy

Washington Navy Yard Photo Credit: U.S. Navy

Naval District Washington will begin the “Energy Biggest Loser” competition, Nov 1.

The competition among the NDW’s installations runs Nov 1-30 and pits one base against the other to see which one can reduce energy use the most during the month.

The competition is also an effort to change culture and behavior, achieve a regional energy reduction of 5% for the month of November and facilitate continual energy education and communication throughout the year.

The biggest energy loser will receive $70,000 to use toward base improvements; second and third place “losers” will receive $50,000 and $30,000 respectively.

“The Energy Biggest Loser contest uses the spirit of friendly competition to encourage energy use reduction across the Region,” Lt. Cmdr. James Shefchik, NDW energy program manager. “Each of the six NDW installations, including their major special areas, will compete. We will compare the electric usage in the month of November with the expected electric use.”

While the installations vie against one another for the top prize, the reality is that each base is truly competing against its own prior usage, as the competition compares current energy use to historical energy use.

Installations will use technology that records usage data and will be collected and reported weekly to the Region.

Each week, the results will be posted so the bases can see how they are faring in the competition. At the end of the competition period, the top installations will be chosen based on the greatest percent reduction in electrical consumption. Each base must use less electrical energy than it has over the same time period in the past.

In addition to the Biggest Loser Competition, there will be a poster and video competition open to anyone affiliated with the base, including dependents.

“These competitions are all done in the spirit of energy action and reducing personal energy footprints,” said Shefchik.

The winners will be announced Dec. 7, and will be recognized by NDW Commandant Rear Adm. Yancy Lindsey for their contributions.

The NDW Energy Biggest Loser competition is part of the Navy’s ongoing energy conservation initiatives and energy strategy, which is centered on energy security, energy efficiency and sustainability. Energy efficiency is vital as it improves mission effectiveness and saves money.


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