Navy investigating how videos recorded on ship made it onto an adult video website

The Navy is looking into a series of voyeuristic pornographic videos and images that were reportedly taken aboard their vessels- and made their way to the internet.

The media was uploaded to PornHub, where it was eventually seen by concerned parties within the US Navy, though it was not disclosed when or where the filming took place.

“Potential victims are being notified in a coordinated effort by (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), command leadership, and Victim’s Legal Counsel,” said US Pacific Fleet spokesman Lt. James Adams. “The website hosting the videos and images at issue has complied with an NCIS request to remove the videos and images from its site and is cooperating with the ongoing NCIS investigation.”

The majority of the footage appears to have filmed through a peephole without the victims’ knowledge.

Some individuals in the filming are assigned to the USS Emory S. Land, a United States Navy submarine tender and the lead ship of her class.

The Emory S. Land is based out of Guam, and regularly services submarines in the area.

The incident remains under investigation.

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