If you’re looking to re-enlist in the Navy for some quick cash, you may want to sign up soon.

Over 88 skills in 20 ratings will be stripped of their bonuses, following reports that many of the quotas have been met.

“Due to the high number of [Selective Reenlistment Bonus] takers in Fiscal Year 2019 to date, many skills are approaching or have already met their SRB quotas,” top personnel officer Vice Adm. John B. Nowell, Jr., wrote in a recent Navy Admin memo.

According to the Navy Times, Sailors have 30 days to re-up if they want to receive a bonus. However, around 102 skills in 34 ratings that were previously shut down will not see any benefit.

With that said, bonuses remain for only 48 skills in Zone A for those with up to six years in 60 skills for Zone B for those who have served between six years and a decade; and 27 skills in Zone C for those who have given Uncle Sam 10-15 years.

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