“Navy Chief” tells Dicks’ employee “I’m going to have intercourse with your mother”

A US Navy veteran -who left the military to become a comedian on YouTube and pursue an entertainment career- once again pokes fun at Navy Chiefs, this time coming down on Walmart employees whose workplace performance is not up to mil-spec.

YouTuber Cassady Campbell served in the US Navy for seven years, with his first ship being the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis. After serving aboard the Stennis, Campbell was assigned to Fort Worth, Texas, and eventually got out.

Nowadays, he makes fun of the silliness of higher-ranking Navy NCOs, particularly the Chief Petty Officers, who he admitted would “literally just say the most ridiculous stuff” during his time in the Navy.

“They would have nothing better to do and just go micromanage people,” he said.

Adopting his persona of a Navy Chief, he went to his local Walmart, where he decided to tighten up a loosely-run ship.

While roving around the store, he found an employee sleeping in the electronics section. Waking the employee up, he immediately kicked into high-gear.

“If I catch you sleeping again on my quarterdeck,” he began, “I’m going to have to write you a counselling sheet.”

“Yes, Chief,” the employee said, confused as to what exactly was going on.

Later going to a Dick’s Sporting Goods, “Chief” then began introducing himself to employees.  One young staff member was not amused when Cambell pretended to be a drill instructor and informed him he would “have intercourse with his mother.”

At another location, he awarded a bookstore employee a “medal” for selling books.

Whatever Campbell is doing, it’s working- he has over 968,000 subscribers on YouTube alone.

You can watch the entire video on YouTube here.

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