Navy calls out prior enlisted Army infantry officer for being a communist at rivalry game

The US Navy may have been defeated in the best football game of the year this weekend, but they certainly got their burns in regarding a certain commie cadet who brought shame to West Point.

The traditional game that pits the Army’s West Point against the US Navy’s Annapolis is one of a long rivalry between the two branches, who send their athletic cadets to face off against each other every year.

Despite some awesome jabs by the Army, it was the Navy who had the best trash talk this year, unfurling a banner that read “Not Communist” and chanting “Communists!” to drown out any Army-side chants during the game.

Several variations of the theme were seen, all referencing one man- admitted communist and Antifa supporter 2LT Spenser Rapone, who graduated from West Point in 2016 with “Communism Will Win” scrawled inside of his service cap.

Prior to West Point, the New Castle, PA native served in the 75th Ranger Regiment and earned the Combat Infantryman’s badge.

Spenser Rapone after graduating basic training at Fort Benning.

Rapone -better known on social media as @punkproletarian- is a member of the 10th Mountain Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team and is currently under investigation, along with the West Point professor accused of grooming him.

A card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Rapone has never kept his affiliation -which in itself is a violation of Army Values- a secret, opting to be as loud as he can be about his rather unpopular and un-American ideological views.

Between that and Rapone calling beloved Defense Secretary James Mattis an “evil, vile f*ck,” we’re inclined to side with the Navy on this one… even if it is a one-time thing.

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