Navy Blue Angels called “dangerous, expensive, military PR event” at San Francisco Fleet Week

A progressive news author claims that the US Navy’s Blue Angels are a malevolent force, and that the local press who are dazzled by them turn a blind eye to their “dangerous, expensive, military PR event.”

In an article penned by Christopher Cook and published by Common Dreams, the Blue Angels -arguably America’s finest aerobatic team in the sky- were denounced for being environmentally hazardous, reckless and supportive of militarism.

“Celebrating militarism, polluting the air, terrifying residents, and raiding millions from the public treasury,” Cook wrote. “These are real issues. And the news media are ignoring them.”

In his article, Cook claimed that veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have been known to suffer as the blue-and-yellow F/A-18s soar above them.

“Veterans and refugees from war zones have repeatedly reported being traumatized by the Blue Angels screaming and roaring overhead,” Cook wrote.

Cook then highlighted organizations such as Code Pink and Veterans for Peace, who protested the Blues’ show in San Francisco over the weekend.

The author then highlighted the use of fuel, adding that the shows -which are designed to recruit for the military and build PR between the Navy and the American people- are wasteful.

“The Blue Angels’ pollution and fossil fuel consumption should concern everyone,” Cook added. “How much fuel are we talking about? More than 1,200 gallons per hour.”

In the end, the Common Dreams author made his desire very clear.

“Given today’s ever-intensifying climate crisis, precious public monies, and public safety concerns, perhaps it’s time to put an end to these military PR shows,” Cook concluded.

The Blues are due back to their home base in Pensacola, Florida on Wednesday, where they will perform a two-day homecoming air show.

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