Naval War College leader busted day drinking, inviting students in for games of Twister

The flag officer in charge of the US Naval War College is under investigation, following accusations that he’s just a little too casual.

US Naval War College President Rear Adm. Jeffrey Harley is reportedly in possession of a margarita machine, which he occasionally moves to the dining facility when it isn’t in his office.

“He has invited members of the staff to his office for afternoon drinks, setting his employees up to either comply because he’s the boss or uncomfortably decline his offer because they do not want to drink during the workday,” the investigative complaint read.

According to Fox News, Harley reportedly sent a series of eyebrow-raising mass emails, offering “free hugs” and games of Twister in his office.

In addition, the flag officer boasted about a new portrait of himself, painted on velvet by a teacher at the school.

“He preferred cats, Star Trek, red wine, baseball and was positively obsessed with achieving the perfect hair day,” Harley wrote on a label attached to the portrait, talking a self-deprecating jab at his baldness.

Harley denies owning a Twister game and dismissed the complaints in a school-wide email, claiming the number of complaints were from a select few that didn’t like his light-hearted, McHale’s Navy-esque leadership style.

“All the decisions questioned in the allegations were subject to legal review either before or after the fact, and I believe that all of my decisions are within my authorities,” Harley wrote.

He is currently under investigation by the Navy’s Inspector General.

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