Navy Football’s New Summer White Uniforms

On Saturday Navy takes on #5 ranked Ohio State at the MT&T Stadium.  The Midshipmen will be debuting their new uniforms designed by Under Armour. According to this article, the Naval Academy made an agreement with Under Armour to design uniforms for 33 of their Varsity teams.

The new uniforms are being dubbed the “Summer Whites” as the closely resemble the Naval Academy’s summer white uniforms.

Naval Summer Whites

Each players uniform with contain his rank by his year at the Naval Academy.  As you can see in the photo below; freshman will sport an anchor on their shoulders and hip.  Sophomores will have an anchor with one stripe; Juniors will add another stripe; Seniors will have three, and the captain will have a star instead of an anchor.  The players will also wear white gloves and shoes which is consistent with their summer whites uniform.  It is a good thing the Mt&T stadium has turf because these uniforms would not hold up too well in the grass.


Naval summer whites ranking


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