Naval aircrew under fire for wearing uniform patches supporting the president

Naval aircrew aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp are under investigation by the US Navy after several media outlets and a legion of social media users were triggered by a morale patch bearing a loose likeness to President Donald J. Trump.

The patches in question -which featured a man who looked similar to the president and the words “Make Aircrew Great Again”- were worn during President Trump’s Memorial Day visit aboard the Wasp earlier this week, and got considerable media attention.

In a statement to CBS News, Navy spokesman Samuel Boyle said that “Navy leadership is currently reviewing this instance to ensure that the wearing of the patch does not violate DoD policy or regulations.”

Meanwhile, on social media, some netizens were not so reserved on the matter- with some going so far as to call military personnel “Nazis” and swear off supporting the troops.

“I am done contributing to service member causes after this,” Twitter user “Blue Mom” replied to a tweet of the photos, posted by Vivian Salama. “Undeserving.”

“All they need is a swastika armband to finish off their look,” Stephanie Mitz responded.

“These Nazi MoFo’s got to go,” user “D.Mac” wrote.

Interestingly enough, the patches have been around since at least 2017 and were featured in Department of Defense-released photos of aircrews participating in humanitarian operations.

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