National Guard soldiers let their squad leader face plant after volunteering to get tased

A dedicated squad leader in the Iowa National Guard gave his soldiers a shockingly satisfying reward for working hard during drill- allowing them to tase him.

Staff Sergeant Greg Christie -who serves in the Transportation Corps of the Iowa National Guard- was so impressed by the hard work his soldiers had put in during drill last Sunday, he decided to (literally) take the fall in order to boost their morale.

“It was a present for my younger soldiers,” he told Popular Military. “They worked very hard that weekend and I wanted to give them something to make the drill weekend less dreary.”

Arming a Taser, the NCO allowed them to “pop a few volts,” much to their amusement.

Christie quickly tensed up and fell to the ground, tapping out and saying he had had enough.

“I couldn’t really feel anything,” he said. “My body went rigid. The worst part was having the barbs ripped out.”

While his soldiers were amused, Christie was hoping they’d offer more “support.”

“I was sore the next morning,” he noted. “My spotters were not helpful [and] just let me eat dirt. Thankfully, the grass hadn’t been mowed.”

A 16-year veteran of the Army, Christie has two deployments under his belt and holds the rank of Staff Sergeant.

“It [his rank] is probably going to stay that way if this goes viral,” he mused.

Non-Commissioned Officers always lead from the front- even if it means getting shocked from behind.

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