National Guard soldiers caught sleeping in Border Patrol truck as illegals cross the border

Screenshot from video below

As illegal immigrants attempting to claim asylum continue to flood over the southern border of the United States, US Border Patrol and Army National Guard troops are worn to the point of exhaustion- with many found sleeping inside of CBP vehicles.

As boatloads of immigrants (often aided by Mexican cartels) came ashore from Tamaulipas, Mexico, on Tuesday morning, the incursion into US territory by company-sized groups of people was caught by Fox Business correspondent Hillary Vaughn and her cameraman, Tyson Rohlfs.

In addition to the dramatic scenes of people coming ashore in hopes of surrendering to US federal authorities, the camera crew also caught a more sobering sight- exhausted US Army National Guardsmen sleeping in Border Patrol vehicles.

The Guardsmen, who were supposed to be keeping watch at the checkpoint, had to be awakened by a member of the crew, who “walked up to the truck and knocked politely” on the window of the vehicle.

National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd told Fox News the incident is a “good example of the strain cartels are putting on government resources.”

“All personnel are having to work extremely long hours, often away from home while living in hotels,” he said.

From 11PM Monday to 2PM Tuesday, the camera crew witnessed the personnel equivalent of nearly three-and-a-half platoons of illegals reaching the border.

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