National Guard soldier berated for being black and serving his country

A US Army National Guardsman was berated by protesters for performing his duties, with critics coming down on him due to his race and a lazy eye.

The unnamed sergeant, who wore older body armor and carried an ancient M16, was standing fast as protesters effectively called him a traitor to his race and criticized him for being able to handle their verbal abuse without losing his cool.

“You can’t even do sh*t, and I’m in your face,” one man said, lunging towards the sergeant.

The group then insinuated that the sergeant was little more than a slave, unable to do anything without “Daddy’s” permission.

“Your daddy tell you,” the one man laughed. “Hey said take the clip out your guns.”

“You don’t think for your damn self,” another said.

At one point, a protester claimed the sergeant had a “lazy eye,” and continued to taunt him.

The sergeant showed amazing restraint in the video, which was posted to TikTok by @hanadjama6.

The unit is believed to be assigned to the Texas Army National Guard.

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