National Guard LT, Senior NCO baited into cluster f**k by auditors

A “First Amendment audit” in California turned into a screaming match after senior NCOs and junior officers began exchanging words outside of an Army National Guard Armory.

Several Auditors appeared at the Bakersfield California National Guard depot, prompting a Second Lieutenant, a Sergeant First Class, and several other soldiers to come out and confront them.

“There’s a reason why you guys are not wearing uniforms, right?” one female Staff Sergeant said, recording the auditors.

“Yeah, because we’re not robots,” one guy said.

“Okay,” the female NCO said, filming their faces. “We got ‘em.”

Initially a peaceful exchange of words, the situation soon became a contest of who could speak over one another with a louder voice, with SFC Mack leading the way in who can bellow the loudest.

Eventually, a young female officer by the name of 2nd Lieutenant Wendy Brown comes onto the scene, demanding to know what is going on, sporting a gigantic ring and misshapen patrol cap. Unfamiliar with 1A auditors, Brown is given a basic rundown by the camera-wielding antagonists and decides that it would be prudent to “make a call” to command and determine what to do next.

During the exchange, Lieutenant Brown seemed nervous and unsure what to do, repeatedly going back and forth in thought before eventually deciding to listen to the auditors. At one point, her fellow Lieutenant determined that he was going to make a series of phone calls, though it is uncertain who he was talking to.

As quickly as the escalation began, the situation then began to simmer down and the troops headed back inside, with Lieutenant Brown being filmed as she made her phone call.

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